Energy healer and Language of One carrier.

You have a unique gift to express in your Life! We have all come with a unique expression, energy signature that wants to come forth and be birthed through You. I am here to support your journey of opening up to your highest potential, to your Divine nature here upon on Earth. Your Light is needed, wanted, and received.

Sofia Jewel, channels the Language of One, focusing on knowing the innate unity with our own Source of Life. We, as Humans, are learning to create from the Heart, without pushing. We, Humans, are learning to tune in to the invisible more and more. We, Humans, are learning the power of word, and to merge the Heart with the Mind, and express from this place of connection and synergy.

Sofia Jewel, facilitates The Council of all Beings, as a way to introduce all people to their own ability to tap into the Universal consciousness and channel wisdom for the highest good of all.

Sofia Jewel communicates the Language of One and her mission is to support people to channel their Divinity.

She offers private sessions energy healing and light language, light language activations, workshops/circles and coaching.

What People Say

“When I need love, healing and compassion, I go to Sofi. When I need direction, clarity and shifts in my life, I go for Sofi. She is abundant wisdom, depth and love that helps during my toughest times. I recommend Sofi with all my heart.

Ekram Ibrahim, Journalist and TV Producer

I had one of the most powerful healing sessions of my life with Sofi… First, I must say that being around Sofi herself is healing – but when we did the work, there was a profound transformation I experienced, and there is no one else I would have felt more comfortable to go through that with.  She is a true professional in the healing arts, and has a way of knowing what needs to be worked through. I felt lighter, fresher, healthier, and more clear after one session with her. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Sofi!

Selin, Calgary, Spirited Business Coach
Calgary, Canada

Sofi is a nurturing, intuitive and loving human being . She is able to provide you with a serene and positive environment where you can let go of all your stress and allow for her to work her magic using many different techniques. I always feel a greater inner peace along with more energy and a sense of clarity. I highly recommend Sofi for all of your wellness/ spiritual needs ❤ 

Tania, Healer and Counsellor
Vancouver, Canada

Let’s build something together.